by Buddy

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Produced and Written by: Buddy


Even though my heart beats as a metronome
I’m just a mere man made of flesh and bone
Dreamed of getting signed to Def Jam or Atlantic
High hopes and constantly praying like a Mantis
time passed aspirations sank faster than Atlantis
even tho I’ve examined my lyrics like semantics
The industry would rather aid ignorant antics
flows weaker than plastic and sound so unenthusiastic
I’m Sick of not being able to find a job
contemplated saying fuck it and finding a nigga to rob
Telling all of these corporations to find a dick to slob
Cuz I’m sicka niggaz noses sitting higher than a snob
Saying I didn’t meet the qualifications fuck waiting patiently
fuck filling other applications for government regulations
Setting expectations to high
lying anyways cuz u wasn’t willing to give a nigga a try

Sometimes I just wish the sky would fall
Cuz I’d be that much closer to the top and all
Feel like I can’t drop an album cuz my father is my idol
and I grew up in Detroit but was oblivious to survival
Shielded from the struggles never got into any trouble
yeah I got into some scuffles but I never had to fucking hustle
to find a means to live nigga I loved being a kid
all I had to worry about was if Goku got killed

Now I give a fuck less, I’m reaching for success
attempting to suck less can’t do it if I suck sess
To suppress the stress I’ve gained from regrets like
Taking 3 lefts just so I can make a right
Or calling niggaz my brothers was a huge mistake
cuz I ain’t recognize real till I was introduced to fake
So much negativity in my muthafuckin life
the only thing I had to look forward to was my fuckin wife
but for 6 months I haven’t dropped a dime on rent
and my chick has solely been supporting a gent
I can’t even buy a card to say how much she’s meant
to me and so focused on the past I’m not living the present
cuz yeah she’s made a mistake or 2
But who am I to say what she can and can’t do?
Lost trust began to lose myself
and now her friends and fam is saying I’m not good for her health

I just want my place back and niggaz to fuck off
Only time I should be in ya mouth is if you suck balls
Nah,I’m just venting cuz when I wish we could just get lost
and leave everybody behind us who wished for our downfall
But now she’d rather turn me down to go hang out with ya’ll
I’ve tried asking her out numerous times and consistently getting “naws”
I’m sitting reminiscing of when we used to do it all
Shit I’m even missing her going on break and giving me a call

And for what? cuz we clash over the subject of hash
Or cuz I asked for a hand from ya friends and fam?
Slash I’m unemployed not producing any cash
and as you go out and provide I’m sitting on my ass
you’re supposed to live and learn thru others mistakes
not by getting laced from yer prior partakes
I’m not at all tryna make it seem as if I don’t sin
I curse daily and love sex as much as the next man
and I’m tired of niggaz saying I got my shit together
cuz I don’t like to smoke or drink and want my life to be better
So like cuz I don’t like spinach I’m instantly an angel?
No I don’t like spinach cuz it taste like anal
I don’t like to smoke cuz I’m not tryna live a fable
or get a sense of high to where I’m happy living stable
Tried drinking and I’m not a fan of puking
or not having control of myself and doing something stupid


released May 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Buddy Detroit, Michigan

Sample based Producer/MC born and raised in Detroit who loves videogames, anime, dope samples and lyricism. Check me out! Follow me @Buddy1231

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